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Hi! Welcome to my website!

I’m Eliana and I’m enthusiastic about pursuing a career in the music industries. I’m currently in my final year at university studying Media and Communications, specialising in Music Industries at Birmingham City University. I got my first taste of working with artists when I set up a record label with friends a few years ago. Recently, I’ve worked alongside artist managers as an assistant. To find out more about it you can download my CV.

At the moment, I’m creating a new online platform called Music Insider which aims to educate young teenagers about the different aspects and opportunities that exist in the music industries. As part of this project I’ve recently been filmed interviewing industry professionals ranging from music managers, authors, educators and artists. You can find out more and watch the interviews at when the website goes live on 1st May!

I’m also writing a dissertation on how representations of women in grime music videos. I’ve decided to write about this because Grime is an exciting emerging music genre which I think needs to be documented, and I’m also interested in looking at issues within representation of different intersections and social groups in the media.

I’m particularly interested in pursuing a career as an A&R or artist marketing, but I am exploring other opportunities and interests too. You can find out more about them in my Online Portfolio. If you would like to have a chat about working together, feel free to drop me a line on my email via my Contact Page or email icon above!