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Here's a display of some of the professional and academic work I've produced as part of my course at University. Click here for Music Journalism pieces.

Music Insider

Currently, I'm working on a new project called Music Insider; the online friendly educator about the music business for young people.

Through filmed interviews and a potential podcast, the platform aims to address a gap in the market which exists for young people aged 14-19 who want to go into the music business, but need to learn more about the roles available to them; what they are, how they work and to hear about some of the cool exciting opportunities and advice available just for them! You'll be able to access the site soon at

At the moment, I'm fundraising to help get Music Insider off the ground. Please watch the video below to find out more!

Industree Music

In 2018 I set up a new online-based social enterprise, which set out to diversify the opportunities music business interns and students face when they leave university, called Industree Music.

At Industree Music, we aim to reinvent the format of the internships’ scheme in the music industries and provide new opportunities for the next generation.

In my role, I created and wrote the business proposal, designed the website and organised our finances.

Click to download Industree Music portfolio


In 2016 I created a business called Bandit. I designed a dynamic website which uses a compatibility-based match-making system to create bands or music groups for musicians to gig with. It created it for the unsigned, available musician or band member – a Bandit. Based in the UK, Bandit aimed to engage users by creating suggested groups of local active musicians and live performers for them to connect and gig with. By using a music-compatibility database; built on what the musician is looking for and their abilities, Bandit aimed to create music groups or bands for the user to join and talk to about meeting up to rehearse and record music. Feel free to watch a tutorial and fundraiser video I made to explain how bandit works below!

Lone Tone Records

one of our signed artist singing