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This page is to keep you up to date with all my recent projects.

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My Gap Year

Here I will be writing about places I have travelled to in my life. Though not many, last year I lived in the Middle east and encountered some wonderful places and people.

desert mountains
I took this picture when I was hiking in Israel near the Sinai border. This place is extremely high up and we did it in the summer on a very hot day. The hike actually started at about 4:00am so that we did not have to climb in the blazing heat. I tend to not enjoy hiking but I find that it is usually worth it for the pictures you end up being able to take.
bedouin tents in desert
This photo was taken in a Bedouin camp I visited with the youth movement I did that I did my year abroad with. The Bedouin culture is really interesting, we had a talk from one of the leaders of that camp and they told us about how they travelled and ended up setting up their life here in the desert. We ate some food they had prepared for us and then slept on rugs in their tents.
the western wall
The wall pictured here is known as the western wall and is the most iconic location in all of Israel. The wall has biblical significance and is very sacred to Jews and Arabs. Throughout the day every day of the year Jews go and pray facing the western wall as it is said to be the holiest place. On the specific da this photo was taken, there was a celebration and many Israelis were gathered by the wall to dance and sing.
group of friends
All of us in the group here are from the same youth movement. This is the group of friends I went to my year abroad with and I could not have asked for anyone better. This was taken on a weekend away with international groups from the same youth movement where we lead all the activities that took place over that weekend. It is one of the nicer pictures of all of us and definitely the one with the least amount of people missing.
being filmed for television
Here I was being filmed for a news item on Israeli TV. My friend and I were asked to be interviewed because we have both been said to potentially be the next leaders of the youth movement and therefore could represent it in the best light possible. We were asked questions involving where we saw the movement is ears to come and our opinion on taking a gap year to take part in a learning programme.
I have not got much to say about this waterfall other than I really am impressed with how this picture turned out. It was taken on the first trip I did with the youth movement and it was a water hike. We wondered through a really large forest and bonded as a group. I remember thinking after taking this picture that I would try and capture as many amazing things that year as I possibly could.